Word Craze Level 543 Answers

On this page you will find all the answers for the game Word Craze Level 543. These answers are divided into different pages, you just have to select the level number for which you are looking for the answers.

If something leaves a bad impression, it could be said to have left a ______ taste :


Highly influential rapper Tupac _____ is known for his profound lyrics :


In Greek mythology, these creatures lured sailors to their death with their singing voices :


What are these weapons? :


In the Bible, Adam and Eve were sent to live in the Garden of ____ :

  • EDEN

Japanese noodles served in broth; the instant variety is popular with students :


The name of this South American country is an anagram of the word PURE :

  • PERU

Military force that patrols the seas; a dark shade of blue :

  • NAVY

What did the boy on the right forget to wear? :


To connect your lips with someone else’s :

  • KISS

Meat from this animal is called mutton :


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