Word Craze Level 545 Answers

On this page you will find all the answers for the game Word Craze Level 545. These answers are divided into different pages, you just have to select the level number for which you are looking for the answers.

Someone who can pick up and apply things quickly is this :


Because you’re _____ it, slogan of French cosmetics company L’Oréal :


Two offspring produced in the same pregnancy; can look identical :


Every Rose has its _____ is a song by metal band Poison :


C’est la vie is a French saying that means: that’s ______ :

  • LIFE

What is this common D&D monster called? :


X marks the _____ :

  • SPOT

______ Bride is a 2005 Tim Burton film made using stop-motion photography :


What element is used to fill these? :


This is the weakest chess piece, but sometimes, it can become the strongest :

  • PAWN

The noise a happy cat and a healthy car engine make :

  • PURR

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